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Katie Chock's Artwork

An ADHD queer self taught artist that makes nerdy art

Meet the Artist

I make the nerdy arts

Hello, my name is Katie Chock I'm a queer ADHD artist. I'm a character and landscape concept creator/illustrator. I love creating new characters and creating concept landscapes from the places I have traveled. After many years of trying to make my history degree work for a living, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a career as an artist. 

The characters I like to create are from roleplaying games like D&D or the TTRPG I made with my friends. I also like making up characters from the inspiration I see.  I also take inspiration from anime and other shows. My landscapes are from my quest and side quest with friends. 

My current project is a murder mystery video game with chibi fungus people. Please check out my current projects page to see my designs and storyboards!

A dream/ goal of mine is to create a comic and to be a concept character creator for video games. My current comic idea is called Dante's Motel. Jessie has been caught cheating on their wife, the guilt is so great Jessie is transported to a hell of their creating. There Jessie is given a chance to overcome their mistake and grow from this experience. But they will face their demons and actual demons along the way. 


I also did a TedxTalk!

Favorite Colors: Red and rose gold

Best time of year: Summer and Halloween

My favorite things to do: are roleplay, hike and beer. 

The Vees

Fan Art Characters

Fan Art Characters. I travel to a lot of conventions and I create fan art for the conventions. 


Original Art

Original character art. All from sketch concepts to full illustrations. 

Dice Landscape Group stickers


Come check out my stores!

Upcoming Shows. Come find me here:

Upcoming shows: ​​​​​​​​​

  • Costume-Con 42, Westminister CO, March 29th- April 1st

  • Tidewater Con, May 18-19, Virginia Beach

  • Denver Fan Expo, July 4-7th, Denver Co

  • Denver Ecchi, August 9-11, Denver CO

  • Colorado Springs Comic Con, August 23-25, Colorado Springs CO

  • Cirtus Con, August 23-25, Online 

  • Nan Desu Kan, August 30-Sept 1

  • FanX Salt Lake, Sept 26-28th, Salt Lake City Ut

  • More to Come!

Past Conventions

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