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Katie Chock's Artwork

Traditional and digital art with a nerdy twist

Booth pop up 2022

Meet the Artist

I make the nerdy arts

Hello, my name is Katie Chock I'm a queer ADHD artist. I'm a character and landscape concept creator/illustrator. I love creating new characters and creating concept landscapes from the places I have traveled.


The joke for myself is I'm an artist who hasn't picked a lane of what my niche is and decided to go screaming down the middle to try it all.  Because I love to learn about my style and what my niche will be.

The characters is like to create are from roleplaying games like D&D or the TTRPG I made with my friends. I also like making up characters from the inspiration I see.  My landscapes are from my quest and side quest with friends. 

My current project is a murder mystery video game with chibi fungus people. Please check out my current projects page to see my designs and storyboards!

I also did a TedxTalk!

Favorite Colors: Red and rose gold

Best time of year: Summer and Halloween

My favorite things to do: are roleplay, hike and beer. 

Lonely Nights

Character Art

Character Art Collection

D20 Misty Mountains

Landscape Art

Landscape Art Collection

Dice Landscape Group stickers


Come check out my stores!

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